About Sascha Venus

Sascha Venus is an entrepreneur with a passion for suits. He is an expert in personal branding, social media- & content marketing and helps other people build, scale & monetize their personal brand on social media. He is also the CEO of the German menswear brand ‘die Herren Edel’.
Sascha grew up in a small German town where he spent a lot of his time outdoors hiking, which led to his passion for traveling. In 2014, he flew to London and became absolutely amazed as he had never seen such a bustling and dynamic city. Sascha took advantage of Instagram to document his journey and to share his passion for suits whilst it was just beginning to evolve. As he always hated the thought of working for someone else and the small paychecks that come with that, he started to learn how he could create a livelihood by sharing his passion online. He found the solution in building his personal brand online, especially through social media, which led him to create his own business at age 20. What first started as a small blogging business, collaborating with companies in the men’s fashion space, quickly moved on to become something bigger. He was asked about his business on social media and the number of followers that come with that repeatedly. Other people wanted to learn from him how to use social media and how to grow a personal brand just like he did. This was the turning point for his business. With a new strategy, it is since an online coaching company which occupies itself with the coaching and consulting of clients worldwide, helping them scale their businesses with the optimal social media marketing strategy.
Since December 2018, he is also the CEO of the German-based company ‘die Herren Edel’, specializing in men’s accessories and dressing the modern gentleman. He is now working on scaling his businesses every day and building the life he always envisioned for himself.

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