Born and raised in Germany, Sascha Venus spent a lot of his time outdoors hiking, which led to a strong passion for adventures & traveling. In 2014, he flew to London and became absolutely amazed as he had never seen such a bustling and dynamic city. Sascha took advantage of Instagram to document his journey and to share his passion for suits whilst it was just beginning to evolve. With his audience growing quickly and the amazing opportunities starting to develop, it became an instant passion. Since then, he is obsessed with social media and building audiences.

Over the years of posting content to social media and figuring out everything involved in the process, Sascha was able to grow his audience and build his own personal brand online up to the point where it started to become a business and create opportunities that he would’ve not been exposed to otherwise. He is now running a fast-growing YouTube channel, helping people worldwide grow their own audience and following on social media.

Outside social media, Sascha is involved in other business ventures and companies that he manages and works on in his spare time.