How To NOT Waste Your Money

See, we all tend to spend a little too much money once in a while. The problem appears if you do it on a regular basis. Therefore, today, we’re here to keep you from spending all your hard earned money.   1. Drinks & Coffee It’s no big secret, we are all creatures of habit.…

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A day in the life – Sascha Venus

How I structure my life to achieve everything – Sascha Venus A wise saying goes ‘You want to own the day, not let the day own you’. I live by that saying as I value productivity and getting shit done very important. That’s the reason I do have a clear structure and routine for my…

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How to boost your productivity as an entrepreneur

Boost productivity – Often heard, rarely realized, that’s at least what I experience a lot… So, becoming and staying productive every day in the life of an entrepreneur is crucial in order to reach your goals. So, HOW can you boost productivity for yourself and your business? The biggest misconception people have when talking about…

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